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In 2013, we formed the Integradora Apícola Kanán, SA de CV (ApiKanan) as a cooperative of Yucatec Mayan beekeepers. Our goal was to establish a support structure and a closed supply chain to create a sustainable business model. We manage the production, processing, and distribution of our honey so that our beekeepers will earn a fair price. Together, we own a total of approximately 4,000 hives, producing approximately 120 barrels of honey each year.

Our Mission

To produce the highest quality honey, purchase supplies at the best prices, and earn a fair price for our product in national and international markets. To thereby provide a better income for our families and stimulate the economy in our communities.

Our Communities

ApiKanan unites beekeeping cooperatives and over 70 of their members from 9 rural communities in the state of Yucatán: Baca, Cansahcab, Dzidzantún, San Francisco Tinum, Santa Elena, Sinanché, Teabo, Umán y Yokdzonot Hu. Our communities will benefit from our work as we stimulate the local economy and provide new economic opportunities.


We bottle our honey in the town of Umán. The process is managed by members from Cab-Balam SCP. At this plant, we can process up to 20 tons of honey _how often.  The plant is certified by ____ which assures that our honey meets the highest safety and quality standards.